Update on the situation

The situation in country

It‘s been two weeks since the war has started, and a lot of things - terrible things - has happened here. Thousands of innocent people were perished by air strikes of kremlin regiment, and the terror brought by Russian army is even worse than during nazi occupation. Still, we all here stand strong and enemy will pay for the each killed man, woman and child. We’ll never forget what those fascists and betrayers did to our peaceful land. If you’re interested in more updates on situation in Ukraine join our Discord server.

Also we’re feeling sorry that because of the situation we had to halt the completed episode release and have to discuss the war instead of our project, but those are the desperate times.

Our personal situation

Talking about our team I want to calm you down that all of us are fine, nevertheless the front line is getting closer to our cities.

Especially we want to thank all of you who stayed with us in this hard time and keep supporting this page - as all jobs have closed and the crisis happening here, your money have literally saved us and our families. Still, some part of that money was donated to charity to help the victims of war.

We’ll try to keep working under these hard circumstances, also you should know there are problems with internet here so we won’t post often but we keep working. Probably as this madness is over you’ll even see the episode 8, born in a bomb shelter.

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what will you do if your city is under attack? do you have an escape plan?

We’ll stand till the end. Because you’ve seen those psychopaths won’t have mercy on us.

Im talking about you yourself, when they start attacking your town/city

I understand 


in the Ukraine vs Russia campaign, I won't take sides but I hope you and the Ukrainian people will get through this war and I just found out that you are Ukrainian


There’re no sides, there’re Russian planes bombing Ukrainian cities with forbidden weapons. Ukraine never dropped a shell on Russian territory. The only sides are to support genocide of innocent people or stop this madness 


I don't know about this I don't want to get involved in politics between Russia and Ukraine so yeah I don't really care because my country abstained (I'm from Vietnam). oh and also your game is great i love it

I hope between Russia and Ukraine there will be ways to resolve this war or at least so, so that the price of gasoline does not increase anymore and the Ukrainians will have a peaceful life.

and also can you share your situation because our news is all fake or unclear and nothing new 

Good luck you team 👍


 This is not politics, this is not about war success. This is thousands of innocent people - civilians dying under their rocket strikes on towns and cities where there’re no even army. You may don’t care about politics, and I don’t tell anything about politics or repeating military propaganda, but I think we all (each human in any country in the world) should care about thousands of innocent people dying, for we’re living beings.


Ok fine


Wish you all the best, stay safe.


hope you guys stay safe 
P/s:i though you guy came from England

Thanks. We’re from Kyiv


I cant imagin how hard it is for you guys these days, hope this nonsense of war will be ended soon, i love your game and i love the comunity you created, hope you all going to go home safely and healthy. Good luck.


I wish you the best of lucks and hope you stay safe <3


man i hope everyone is ok <3 i will pray for all Ukraine and hope that this war it ends. 


No need to feel sorry at all, we all understand what you’re going through.

I do hope everyone is and will be safe within the upcoming days… I hope for only the very best for everyone <3


Fight well kinsmen the blood and wrath of serbia go with you to the traitors


keep fighting the good fight, don't let some second rate stalin have the satisfaction of winning


Stay strong, and know that there are those hoping and wishing for only the best for those of you in the Ukraine.