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Welcome to
Into the Wild by DicPic Studio!
Your safe haven, where we try to make the world a bit better by sharing love, peace, weird jokes, and also... you know what.
Into The Wild is a story-driven adult adventure game with a vast variety of cute girls to meet and interact with. You are playing as an explorer, who found himself on an unknown island. There he finds the whole new world with ancient ruins, traps, wild jungles and we are not here for that, lol.

Currently, we have 11 girls and more to come. Each girl has a unique character, quests, dressing sets, and fetishes which gonna open during the whole game. Also, there will be a lot of minor quests and enemies, so much more girls, and hot content.

Now you can settle your original character in the village
or order a scene with any character of your choice!
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Of course, we have a Walkthrough
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Episodes 1-6: Summertime Madness 178 MB
Episodes 1-6: Summertime Madness 118 MB
Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 148 MB
if you pay $1.55 USD or more
Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 213 MB
if you pay $1.55 USD or more

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I have a problem, when downloading the game from itch, the file automaticaly goes in my APK files on android but when i did it on patreon, i cant find the file, can you help me?

You mean the download link?

i downloaded the file, it said the download finniahed but when i go in my APK files, i dont see it. The file isnt there.

why is there a picture of a dog that i cant progress past. I spoke to the inn lady



press the control button again..


Is it possible to get a fishing rod in mobile version? I tried everything, but there's no other chest in the village

There is one close to the castle and one at the top of the map, if i remember correctly

Personally I feel like this should have a non story mode


We’ll try to make more activities to just chill in the village 

whhen will the next chapter come out just currious and i have the ].exe wll i be able to carry over my save into the next chapter?

Since new public episode is dedicated to Halloween it obviously will be released on Halloween.

Yes, saves can be moved

uh i got an error saying failed to read the localstorage property from window: access is denied for this document 

Did you extract the folder? (you’re using exe version as I understood)

browser version

Can you make a Mac version?

in the future 

question for dicpic, is the thing for custom caracter for the patreon thing still going?

i am interested in it a lot now, i actualy have a good price too for one if i can.

and by the way, can you know who is the top donator in here? i would do the donation in here if possible. please, reply, there is money on the table but anyway, i will probably just donate it anyway if the carracter thing is over, the amount might change the result as well. we'll see

The option is still available, you can see it in a tiers section 

So i will do that and also will donate on itch, your work on this game as impressed me in the past and i expect something great from you. Your art style is amazing, the story itself is gorgeous and i cant wait to see how good it will grow. 

You'll also get access to the next episode scenes that way, if you haven’t seen them before I guess you should like these, we put a ton effort into it

i cant wait.

When will gallery add?

In a future upday they said, maybe episode 8.


When will episode 7 be available for free and episode 8 will come out?

I'm also waiting on episode 8 buy episode 7 it's not that expensive and it's awesome lobe the Halloween event

i already baught the 7 like 2 days after my comwnt, now i am also waiting for the 8. I honestly cant wait.

Oooo fantastic art, and game! Keep up the lovely work! ^_^


Are you going to add a gallery?

Yes, in coming episodes

Deleted 8 days ago

what do i do for the first part


Could you make the web one have a download progress file or something so you can continue?

Will it be possible to invite someone to my house?



Hi I was curious, if you needed someone to go through the English and make it more cohesive, the sentences in a lot of places don't flow very well. I'd love to help sort out your English.

Hi. Please write to I’ll send the texts.

Does the continue botton even work my progress is gone

for downloadable version, itch bug

I can't link the game to my account

creamy surprise


Cant stop playing it's awesome I'm in love with the storyline I'm definitely gonna be on lookout on updates

Thank you, should be ready soon


great game 10/10


Deleted 18 days ago

No, in scenes With furry males you’ll be playing for a girl 



Whether the future will launch more languages?


also maybe add the names for the people's house instead of like say farm's home/house?

hey could you add it so you can sleep in your own bed please?

The bed available in ep 7. For the names we’ll think 



Now.. I'm not SUPER into furries.. but this game made me feel a special way...


by chance there is already a date for version 8 released and 7 to be published

its a great game, but would be better if it was animated and *maybe* voice lined.

Soon more animations will be, not sure on voice

how do I save my progress so i don't have to restart the whole thing every time I play?

(i haven't downloaded)

Itch has issue With web version saves, it works fine for downloadable one

does my saves from itch transfer to the main game once i download it?

no, but exe version has attached save file to new content 

i see, tnx for the info

hey im on quest 2 how do i open the menu

for phones two two fingers at once

its on a phone tho its virtual Reality with touch controls that doesn't open the menu when i have hand tracking on

are there cheats?

Soon will be 

Was there a set back? Because more then a month ago u guys said that ep 7 would be free for public fast-forward about 1 1/2 months is still not free??


Current release date is end of this month - there’re many factors it depends on, but we keep actively working on it and the progress can be seen on Patreon 

Mac version pleaseee

honestly i really like the game but i would like if you can be more romantic, as in settle on one character and date and eventually marry them (ending the game i suppose) i got unreasonably attached to naira and would like to do more with her and no ne else, idk just my opinion

Some lines will be more romantic and some more lusty. The marriages with all main characters will be available too. Relationship lines are a part of the game scenario so we can’t make them skippable otherwise it’ll break the game

that's amazing dude, I'll be sure to play the games as soon as they come out, keep up on the amazing work and good luck on production

Additional question Is it possible for me to pay using gcash? As I am from the Phillippines and do not have nor want to get a paypal account because of all the transaction fees.

We don’t have any access to the payment system, it’s all controlled by itch and we only get our part after all fees are deducted. So I can’t be sure on these questions, and to avoid misunderstanding it’s better to ask from itch support 


I asked this question before but just to make sure I didn't misunderstand anything . if I buy the game will I have to pay for future updates?


really love the game but I don't think I'm up for a game i'll have to pay for every update so i'm just posting this here for some clarification

so i paid, but i cant download the episode seven, i payed 2 dollars and at first it was telling me the zipcode went wrong but my purchased went through still. So, basically i dont know what happened, well, guess ill pay again some other time, although i could try again but i dont want to right now

Have you try download it again I did once and try if out worked

2 dollars is enough to get it. Maybe it was glitch of itch, I offer you to contact the support 

(1 edit)

if i was to purchase episode 7 would that purchase allow me to also have episode when it releases?
prepaid I mean

If you buy any game on you will have access to all new version the autor will post on here.

so I can download all the updates after this one if I pay for it right now? Since I asked this question before and the author said I might need to buy it again.

(1 edit) (+2)

Wow my first thougth was " the rpg maker is strong in this one" i think it will be a crappy game but it really well made . The sidequest combinated the social link of the girls was pretty interesting and not annoying, There are a lot of thing to work but is a pretty good game. 

Thanks, we’re working on improving it - the whole intro will be remastered 

Everything turned out well with the house, but what opportunities will it have? I hope in the next update I will be able to use objects in the house, such as a bed or a throne.


Yes, it’s not finished yet. Many options are planned for the home 

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