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Welcome to
Into the Wild by DicPic Studio!
Your safe haven, where we try to make the world a bit better by sharing love, peace, weird jokes, and also... you know what.
Into The Wild is a story-driven adult adventure game with a vast variety of cute girls to meet and interact with. You are playing as an explorer, who found himself on an unknown island. There he finds the whole new world with ancient ruins, traps, wild jungles and we are not here for that, lol.

Currently, we have 11 girls and more to come. Each girl has a unique character, quests, dressing sets, and fetishes which gonna open during the whole game. Also, there will be a lot of minor quests and enemies, so much more girls, and hot content.

Now you can settle your original character in the village
or order a scene with any character of your choice!
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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(605 total ratings)
AuthorDicPic Studio
Made withRPG Maker
Tags18, Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Funny, Furry, NSFW, Porn, sex, sexy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, Interactive tutorial


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Episodes 1-6: Summertime Madness 178 MB
Episodes 1-6: Summertime Madness 118 MB
Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 148 MB
if you pay $1.55 USD or more
Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 213 MB
if you pay $1.55 USD or more

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i have a problem when i launch the game, when it's loading it never finish loading, please help 

i havea question do you work on it regulary or do you not uptadte the game any more ?

When are you going to release the cheat room the date

contains genre ntr and is required?🤔

Hello there Is a problem in the game when i want to delevry to Tara it isn't working why

(1 edit)

why do I lost my progression every time I leave ? I have over 1h on every save and when I leave I lost everything and I need to start again but it’s being 3 time and I just wanted to play but I keep losing my progression ? Can someone help me ?!

If you’re playing browser version on smartphone then itch has a bug with saves. Downloadable versions work good

thank you for the information but if I play on pc I will still have my progression ?

How do i practice my dating skills on this  game?

Finish the date with Tara

where do i find her?

"Ending in the next ep." see to your questions and 🤦🏼‍♂️

When you guys going to come out with the next chapter of this game for Android I'm looking forward to it plus you guys know it got to make it easier to exit out of the windows cuz it's like get stuck in those things it's a bug you guys got to fix

Hello, what is the name of the song in the menu of chapter 6? I like it a lot and I couldn't find it

It’s from RPGM VXA library 

Where do I see that?

Download free RPGM demo from official site

Maybe in a future update there could be a gallery added so that all the unlocked sex scenes can be saved for later playback? I'm sure it'll take a while to input, but I think that would be cool.

We’ll do it in the future 

Works very glitchy on android, it even crashes very often. Anyone else with this problem?

For our phones everything worked well. Can you try other device?

web not working

I just launched it and it works for me. Can you try another device or browser?

its working now

when will the next episode be available for web

A free version is available in the web, the web version will be updated to Ep.7 when Ep.7 becomes available for free, which will happen when Ep.8 is released.

I'm so proud of myself for spending 30 dollars on a game that I could've spent much less on just to see the top contribution go from 25 to 30

and that I literally made an account just to say something about it and also to make sure I don't lose it

Epic, thank you

no problem, I'm a professional at wasting my money on things that probably won't mean as much to me later on as they do now

Android cannot use item. Please fix

First select page in inventory, next click item

I love the art and gameplay! I just have one small request. I’m using the browser preview and my browser automatically reloads the page whenever I reopen it. When it reloads, I lose all my progress, even the progress I saved. I got to the point where the only quests left were meet Sammy in the warehouse and go on a date, and I lost ALL OF IT. Can you fix this?

Maybe no, i do not know how help you

Which platform is it? If you can use windows version it has attached save file

Hey DicPic Studio. This is a wery well done game and i enjoyed every second of it (especially Naria, i love that little wolfy). I hope you create more episodes soon.


Is the scenes animated?

One existing and more in the coming episode 

Bro the disclaimer. LMAO


Can I buy this with a Walmart gift card?

Deleted 7 days ago

Bro it's joke



Nah, only with АТБ sale stickers 

(1 edit)

I have "Silpo" present card, you take it?

Is this ever going to be available for free?

Also I loved the ending of season 6. Is the explorer and laria still lovers or the main focus in season 7?

chapter 8 will be long or short like 7

Most part of it is remaster of the intro cellar. Ep 7 is the longest episode, over 1 hour


The game has an option if someone enters your room, 10/10 mechanic.


The image can be changed btw, just replace it in the game files to the same name and size

Thanks for the information.

how do i unlock the chest in halloween event in the botom righ corner

It’s a secret event, I can only hint you need both characters for it

is it needed to finish the Halloween episode 

No, it’s not mandatory 

I have been fishing for 2 (irl) days straight AND I STILL CANT GET FISH. I have tried at every time of day, every dock and STILL NONE. I have no idea what im doing wrong so if someone could help me it would be amazing.

I recommend fishing at 1 point for a couple of days in a row, you will get a continuation after 2-3 days, if you have already finished the mission with Kitty, then this is probably a bug in the game.

it’s purely random, maybe we’ll change the algorithm later 

(1 edit)

Maybe it's completely random, but I received many times combination 1+ 3- 1+ buy a fishing rod once, but then it was random. I want add function buy a shovel (and have random worms) or buy worms in future.

A little more and you can do it as dls (you can not play most dls for games, but this is a little secret)

Update: I fixed my mistakes so ignore the "edited"


in the beginning yes, after the scenario part is over it’s random 

Nice, but why is this further?

I can't eat raw fish or feed it to a kitty, only sell it cheap


How's chapter 8 going? Damn I can't wait, can I create a Spanish version for this game?


slowly, but steady 

how do you get chapter 7 ?

If you want now — only buy in itch or Patreon, i am checking  other sites where you can "get it for free"(sarcasm), well, there are not only viruses in the file, the file itself is suspiciously smaller (it says that it is less than 200 MB for the PC), so I advise you to buy ONLY here or on Patreon.

But when Ep.8 has upload Ep.7 has be free 


I know there’s a scam on internet when they use the popular searches (anything with word download) and generate a scam page, kinda download this file for free, and obviously what you get has nothing in common with what you expected. Sometimes it comes together with registration through sms, so then can steal your money as well

It is as difficult to gain a good reputation as it is easy to lose it. In other words, scammers use name popular applications to steal data from gullible and not very smart people, that's why I believe that it is necessary to fight with them like fire.

"He he spam attack for scammers"




there appears to not be a back button. so going into the options just locks you from returning. maybe it should mention the controls somewhere.

for touch screen exit is tapping two fingers at once on the screen, for keyboard esc button - the same one to open menu

I don't know why but each time i get near the end of Irena it keeps pausing & i have to restart it

i have some questions about the lore,first why did the humans attack,what did they see the locals as,what did they do to them and why they never came back and why its unknown to the humans

Maybe in future we will learn more

(1 edit) (+2)(-6)

In this day .ussian terrorists hit a civilian high-rise building with a rocket, at the moment 64 people wounded, including 13 children, and the least killed were 9 people, including 1 child. All this was created by 1 NOT accurate Ha-22 missile with almost a ton of explosives. 

Remember that they are not human. Don't forget to donate to AFU.

Remember that this game is dev. by Ukrainians

I know that this is off topic, but it is of great importance for me, for developers, for all Ukrainians, so you know, I still have February 24, 2022.


The rescue operation continues throughout the night.

As of this morning, it is known that at least 20 people died, the fate of another 40 is unknown.

It wasn't a miss, it wasn't shrapnel from a downed missile, it was a targeted terrorist attack against the civilian population. 

My morning did not start with coffee, but with collecting things for the victims. Remember, .ussians are inhuman.

(3 edits) (+2)

The rocket did not deviate, but worked as intended - it was built to hit large ships, so the radar saw a large object (a house with 18 entrances) and aimed.  rashists are well aware of how this rocket works and that it would choose such a target, as it chose the mall in Kremenchug last time. If this raises questions, then similarly they regularly launch slanting S-300s that fall on residential areas - for the purpose of intimidation, pure terrorism.

Fake that the debris fell on the house is nonsense, because such a powerful explosion could not have been from the ignition of fuel - this shit has 900 kg warhead and they sent it at civil house to horrify people and push to surrender. Terrorism to influence the masses is favorite tactic of this kgb rat.

79 wounded, 44 dead. 120 innocent people. The same what Nazis did to Jews…


I'm sorry for you guys you have my prayers


Thank you, but, unfortunately, prayers will not bring back the dead, and will not heal the victims (perhaps they will help psychologically, but not physically). 


True but you have them anyway

this is a neat game, and for the most part i enjoyed it, not a fan of the thing with the governor, wish i could flip the script on her. cant wait to see what comes of this.

You are chose the "skip" option? (;

If not, then replay the game)

As far as I know, the already written plot will not be changed, well, at most, some details will be added. But we are able to influence the further plot.I don't remember exactly how, read dev log.

i thought i did hit skip, but i was playing on mobile so i may have missed the button, big hands and small buttons don't work well together lol

You will definitely love the result of the skip :) (heh heh no)

How to mark a "spoiler"?

can you add a function to skip dialogs?

(1 edit)

I not a dev., skip button add in Ep.7 or Ep.8 (i forget).

We’ll make the buttons bigger. Some scenario lines will be dedicated to specific fetishes, they won’t be mandatory though so you can ignore this one. We’ll add text skip button as well

Can I find the location where save files are stored on android?

It seems they can’t be extracted. When you update the game old saves remain 

that question depends on the android version and install path and android device.

for my device running android ver 9 installed to the user space, it's /data/user/0/DicPic.Studio.Intothewild
normally, you won't be able to access that space without rooting the android device.
If your device is rooted you can use a root file explorer and access your saves.
As for finding the app data path, i used lucky patcher to check.
If you don't want to root, you can access those saves by using ADB and the pull command.

when will episode 7 be available for free download version?


When Ep.8 will be uploaded.

But i don't know when Ep.8 will be upload, dev. says soon.

If you don't want to miss updates, you can simply subscribe to the developers' page.

This mouse for you 🐭)

and episode 8 is already being created?

Yes, but .ussian has slows proces, .ussian rockets destroy power plants —> no power —> no work computer.

The episode will be released in the next few months (I don't specify the date because I'm not a dev. and I don't know when)


Ya compre el episodio 7 pero no puedo descargarlo necesito ayuda

Send a message to support, we don’t have access to the payment system 

(1 edit) (+1)

Dear fellow countrymen, I've started to create the gallery in your game. I just tired of creating saves.

If you don't mind, I'll post the finished result here when I'm done. If you are against it, then it will remain just a garage mod exclusively for the "home using".

Waiting for an answer

P.S. TOP game, I advised to all my friends!

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

P.P.S It's quite difficult to pull out scenes "neatly". I literally tear them out with pieces of other scripts.

I cut out the most critical parts (such as movement and changing locations), and leave the scripts, because it's really hard to cut them selectively

We’ll add gallery soon, in the episode after the next.


Glad to hear that. Anyways, I'm almost done, so I'll finish it anyway. 

I think I'll be very funny to see the difference between my DIY shit.

I had no idea how to make gallery in recent two days, but I already have all scenes and choice between scenes and pictures from it (also sprites of characters in dialogues). I just need to edit it just a little and I can send it to my friends.

How i know what is "automatic translate"

P.S. please write english if you want that more people understand you

I didn't wanted it tbh. That was personally to DicPic. But after your comment I understood that it's kinda not polite to use Russian language in English comments

DicPic studio is Ukrainian studio and he understand Ukrainian, and if you want to surprise dev., use Ukrainian)

P.S. It now .ussian in English comments it doesn't look polite, because first of all it's English comments)

P.P.S. this hamster for you 🐹

In game files I have found Russian dev. Comments. So I think they're from Kharkov. Me and my friend from "Kharkovskaja oblast' " are know that Russian is more in use here despite anything. But I think, Ukrainian will be the most used after a year or two in Ukraine, after our victory.

Slava Ukraine! Geroyam slava!


Maybe, in Odesa (1 s, because it is spelled in Ukrainian) there is also a problem of russification, but I believe that the Ukrainian language should be revived.

Fuck, electro eating has end(

I want one milion nuke bomb to bomb moscow.


From Kyiv. There’re some comments there lol, maybe I’ll change them to English later. English because otherwise no one else will understand what you’re writing, and I assume they’re interested too

How do I renew my local game files after downloading with another device?

if you mean different game versions (android to windows) they’re not compatible 

Just use "Joiplay". It's a good emulator for Android. 

Just put PC game to your phone, follow the instrion, enJoi.

If you want to delete game from your phone, just keep the save files somewhere (I even have backups at Google drive)

If new language options are added, is there any chance of having Portuguese?

(1 edit)

If you want this language in the game, you can (maybe) do a fan translation, like not just a literal translation, but an adaptation (adaptation is reinterpreting jokes, changing names, etс.)

Will it be possible to use mods to replace some content (for example, language)?


maybe in the future. I think one day we’ll add more languages 

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