Announcement of new episode!

The testing is successfully finished and right now we prepare builds for the release.

Both new Episode Seven and Episode Six for public will be out by the weekend.

Thanks to our great army who didn’t allow savage animals to reach us, as they were close.

Get Into the Wild

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I was so happy to see the new dev log, i know the war is not finnished so i will still be looking after you guys, i love your game and the peoples who made it. Even if you were under enemy bombing you didnt let us down, so as we. We will always be here for you. stay strong and dont forget, there are people in this crap of a world that just whant to live, and be happy, just like you guys. Good luck.


We’ll do our best

Stay safe! As a Nebraskan, I hope you are doing well nevertheless!



Keep safe! Brazilian greetings.

thank you

Hey, but the episode 7 how much cost?







Let's go! Hope you all continue to be safe.


Thank you