News Guys! Next Episode, First Scene Remaster, Commission Tier

“Alright mate” sounds rather different when pronounced by Lina…

Episode Seven was released just a month ago and keeps shocking everyone till today, but we already prepared a load of fresh news and plans!

Next Episode

Episode 8 will be focused on remastering the first intro location, including all characters, scenes, quests, and the location itself.

Right now we’ll remaster the sweetest part: the cellar location, Naira’s first sex scene, and a meeting teaser.

In the episode after it, the rest will be added: portraits of MC and Naira, the animated scene with a face sit, Judy's portrait (both dim and color), and the jungle location and first quests remastered.

Talking of new content in Episode 8 we’ll add a new scenario quest to the village to continue the story: includes a new big location, a new big scene, and several new characters (more on this below).

Also now you can share your ideas on what can be added, removed, and changed in the intro so we can make it as good as it gets.

The remastered scene for Naira

As we’re going to completely remake the first scene in the game thousands of people will see and show what awaits the player in 100 episodes the game will have, we want to make this scene as cool as possible, so have bold plans on making a masterpiece we never did before.

What it’ll be:

Redrawn from scratch in the improved art style: we’ve already finished the static version of the scene, including a new very cute Naira with a sweet round ass

Animations: the scene will be completely animated, having as a base three looped animations (the different ones, not changing the speed of the same one): grinding, light sex, and rough sex

Our first X-ray: we finally approach the next step we were planning since the beginning but couldn’t do before - making an X-ray! Of course, it’ll be animated too and have different frames including cum. As some guys may not like X-rays, we’ll make it optional

Mini film: our most promising idea is to make the scene as a mini film, so the frames aren’t changed through the black screen but seamlessly move one into another through nonlooped animations, making it look like a film. Still, this is harder as each one will take the same effort as a looped one, but will be played only once

Additional mini frames: to show some interesting details or angles that are not available, we’ll use mini frames in the corners just like the one in Christmas Special - it’ll be used for X-ray, showing her paws (that can’t be seen on the scene), the semen flowing down, and to accent how she scratches the pillar during rough insertion. They’ll be animated too if we have enough resources

Scenario sensitive: the action of the scene can change a bit (both text and image) depending on your previous actions in the game. This is a new format we want to use instead of current karma/relationship points


This month we plan to finally launch the commission tier - so you can order drawing and then adding your character to the game!

The options will be:

  • A dialogue portrait if your character will live in a village;
  • Combat portrait for PvE rivals (like Irena had during the crown quest);
  • And echo scene - based on any existing scene in the game, but with the character of your choice and some tweaks to the action.

To begin with, we’ll offer the option of commissioning each of the two rival girls John will fight on the new location and then have a threesome scene!

Future plans

Free play: What we for sure want to do in the future is make the game more nonlinear, meaning aside from the scenario lines have some local activities in the village, and make it more alive. That animal crossing vibe is a really warm place to spend your time chilling, we want to make something like that.

More realistic dates: Make the dates animated - not AR yet, but have the girl looking alive, react to your actions, minor actions like touching her hair, and add time effects to the exterior including sounds.

Talking about the scenes: We have several ideas about how the scenes can look in the future: original static scenes with texts, animated scenes with texts (like Naira beach sex), interactive animated scenes without texts, comics-style where different angles and details are rapidly changing (partially animated, with text bubbles), and mini films - like an actual animated film, with or without text.


We plan to advertise the game on E621, if successful soon you’ll see us there.


This month we will reach another Patreon goal, and so as you see we already started working on turning it into life!

New platform!

After some very unpleasant actions of Patreon administration who without any particular reason threatened to take down our page, we decided to make a reserve SubscribeStar page - that service is actually a copy of Patreon, and we’ll share there the same posts on game development and have the same tiers and benefits. In case this page will suddenly disappear, save the link: 

Talking of our personal situation

As you know the war keeps raging in Ukraine, and the attacks of the russian fascist army were pretty close to Kyiv where we live (terrible atrocities of Bucha happened 10 miles from my home). Still, today our army has dealt with the invaders and they ran from the capital. Rockets keep falling on the city sometimes, but we’re safe in a term that can be used for living in a war zone. Still, this war is far from the end, so let’s wish peace for Ukraine, freedom for people in occupation, and justice for those who suffered.


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Apr 06, 2022
Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 213 MB
Apr 06, 2022

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Is the author there? The game has a little loophole, when I entered the house, nothing can be seen, all are black, you can see the protagonist, I can't see the door trapped in the house, there is no way I can only restart the game, when I save it or this, and then I play for nothing, I don't know whether it is a network problem, Or the game's small loopholes, there is a small loopholes, sometimes I can not talk to NPCs, what can not point, can only go, and then play twice have this kind of loopholes, angry I hit the keyboard, and then to play, do not know is the game's small loopholes or my network problems, please give an explanation?


Please forgive me for my poor English

are there any guild to the story? Have been stuck for a long time without any directions to go to.

Soon be available on Patreon. Where did you stuck?

After meeting the queen

Go to the healer, she’s up the map, to the right

I have completed the task of my first date with tara, tara is really cute, the game developed by the author, I really like it, the author is hard, I will always support you, love you😘.

As someone who basically just started, I'll just wait for episode 8. Also, stay strong. Hope that everything cools down soon enough.

I happen to be playing e621, and I'll see how your work goes.

Why is the comment section all gone

Would we be able to view the new scenes without starting over?


Gallery is planned for the next episode