Scene Teaser: First Contact (Remastered)

The scene is available here!

And it’s ready! We upgraded Naira in the new improved artstyle, and the first scene in the game now fits the last scenes we made.

Just look at new super cute Naira, her petite figure and sweet ass. The scene already looks good, but it’s just a minor part of final result with the hot animated mini-film coming!

After the static scene is completed we’ll get down to animation! Also are planned a few minor added pictures (like in the Christmas scene) and X-ray. All of that will be animated too!

PS: the draft of animation is already available on Patreon!


Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 148 MB
Apr 06, 2022
Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 213 MB
Apr 06, 2022

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I love the new art style for Naira it's looks amazing 


Thanks, we’re working on animation for it right now


Well done, I love it and I hope there will be a lot of innovation and progress soon. Soon more people will come to play the game.😃