Episode 7 "This Is Halloween!" is now on sale!

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Something big and bad is coming to the village while the girls clashed in the Halloween contest to get the mysterious award! Who will be a winner and whose ass will get into trouble? Dive into the mystic Halloween fair and unleash its secrets…

What's inside:

  • Five all-new locations including the open one
  • Halloween horror
  • Playing for a girl
  • Two huge scenes for Naira and Lina
  • Furry guys
  • Complete remaster of Lina
  • Six new costumes
  • First improved art style scene and a portrait
  • Adding a dozen minor characters
  • Grammar and bugs fixes

Unleash the mystery!

The full description is available on the sale page. 


Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 148 MB
Apr 06, 2022
Episodes 1-7: This Is Halloween! 213 MB
Apr 06, 2022

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