Update on New Episode Release Date.

Because of fussian terrorist country attacks on power plants all across Ukraine, the electricity disappears several times a week - which obviously hurts our work, since computers can’t work without electricity. So, because of fascist morons we probably won’t be able to finish the episode for the Halloween date, as was planned. We’ll do what we can to finish it as quick as possible.

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Without the creator there is no games who cares if the update delays as long as you are safe then everyone is happy

I wish you all the best of luck, be safe.

No you must work on the game when you legitimately cant! Smh!

Jokes asside though look after yourself because first off your more important then some game and second off if something did happen to you personally we wont get anymore updates ever so its in everyones best intrest to wait. Allongside these benifits you can have a good time off this project whilst you physically cant do it and with all that shit im sure you need it.

The internets nut can wait.

Слава Україні!

Героям Слава

take as much time as you need! staying alive is much more important!

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Maby you can get a backup generator (or any generator)?

Edit: or a battery, even if it doesn't last long it could stop a power out from wiping out progress 

OK but: They're in a warzone, cut them some slack, both imports and in-country production as well as their ability to earn the money to buy that are all severely hampered by it . Think with your heart, not with your dick.


Be safe and don't let them get to you! No rush to finish your work, staying alive is worth more. 


Take care of yourself first and foremost, and after that, anything else is a plus! Really wish this insanity would stop, for you dealing with that, and for those in Russia having to deal with their insane leader driving this thing ever forward, for those who have zero interest in this whole debacle. 


Stay safe and alive and I can say we call it even


I don't mind. Just stay safe cause the world isn't exactly  in the right place at the moment. Atleast in my opinion.

Apart from the instabilities cropping up in small countries across the world over the last century, Covid and this war have fucked everyone over, in terms of health, safety, finances, you name it, so you'd be right that the world's fucked.