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I can't get 5 fish. I get 3, and then the game makes me loose my fishing rod.

It's a part of scenario :) You'll be able to get the rod back in the next episode.

I already bought ep 3. I lost my rod in ep 2.

Meant the fourth episode, which will be released in January or so. For the third episode, it's the end of kitty quest.

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I'm not sure how money system is working on Itch. I guess it's better to contact support with this question.

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The chest in the blacksmith girls lair seems to always trigger half the scene before you play hide and seek with face sitter girl. Even after you've beaten her and given the queen her crown. And with no way to trigger the fight a second time you can't leave the jungle cause you don't have the crown. 

The same glitch triggers if you've just gotten the crown and haven't gone back yet, except the chest triggering the whip conversation again seems to also remove the crown from your inventory, also trapping you there.

Also, is there actually a way to continue the plot after you lose the fishing rod, or is that kinda the end of her and farm girl's plot lines for now?

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UPD: guess we found it. Will be fixed with the release of the next episode. Thanks.

You mean that you left the cellar without opening the chest? The room exit is closed by script until you'll open the chest. If so, it shouldn't happen, please describe how did you leave the room.

Losing the rod is the end of this episode, you'll get a new rod from the shop in the next one.

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Edit: sorry I didn't realize that you found the bug already until I re-read your post. Thanks for confirming that the rod is the end for now.

no I mean if you interact with the chest after getting the crown back from the girl, then it triggers the same dialogue as when you first got the whip, and removes the crown from your character. 

Or if you've delivered the crown to the queen and come back to the blacksmith (I was checking to see if she'd sell me stuff yet, and wondered if opening the chest started a conversation about selling stuff.) The chest also triggers that whip conversation. Which then triggers the requirement of the crown to use the boat, even though you already finished the quest line.

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I have a suggestion/question. Is there a way to skip entire dialogs? If not that would be very useful, I have played this game a few times and when ever I end up restarting because I have to stop playing I have to spam click to get best the very interesting dialog that I have herd 10 times already to get to the last part I left off. thanks

(edit) also if you don't mind when are you going to add chapter 2 or even chapter 3 to the walk-through, I have done as much as I can for now I think. but I have only encountered wolf girl, face sitter, and the farm girl am I missing anything? again thank you I don't want to seem like I am being rude with all this I am just curious.

The walkthrough is being reworked and will be available soon. The second episode has scenes with deer and farmer girls, the third has kitty and the bad girl.

For sure we will add a cheat room for replaying the scenes without text.


thanks, also you better add something with the lizard girl that guards the entrance to the town(; she's cute


Sure, all characters will have scenes.

hay are you planning on releasing a lynix version?like your game btw


Maybe in the future.

i dont know if its my phone but anytime you get to any thing that needs timing its complete shit because the game runs at like 4fps so when there is any traps i either respawn without seeing the frame i die or the game warps me off a fucking cliff because it cant tell im not holding the move button its unplayable

Hi. Which telephone model you have? Is it APK or browser version?

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Thanks, we'll do our best!

Мне очень понравилась эта игра, но есть небольшой вопрос. Есть ли планы добавить разные языки? если да, пожалуйста, добавьте русский язык)

Maybe in the future.

when early access is ready will the episodes cost money?

With each new episode the previous one goes public, it can take near two months. Also episode three (currently in early access) will be on a sale in the next month.

I love this but i have a problem  with the movement because its too laggi and i can't pass in the maze and took me like 40-50 minutes finishing the maze i am using android so if your kind enough pls optimize the control or movement 

Sincerely one of your player :)

Hi. Was it browser version or APK? Browser one is really lagging, but it's a problem on the server side. For example it is lagging on my (powerful enough) computer, while exe version works perfect . APK version was tested on different (not expensive) phones and we didn't find any problems.

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I use the apk version and its the same issue in apk its like browser version 

Well if you don't see the problem i think its because my phone or whatso ?


It may be the phone. Can you try the game on another device? Also lags can happen when save power mode is on.

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THIS GAME IS AWESOME! The NSFW scenes are great and the story is amazing! When do you think the 3rd episode will be out for free?

Thanks for saying :) Episode three will be on a sale next month. Public release will occur when we'll finish episode four,  orienting mid January.

is there only one scene with the deer or is there more because i did the farmer one and it just ends before the dinner


It's the end of the second episode, there will be more scenes with them in the next updates. Each update has 2-3 scenes, which allows us to release them often enough.

I love it!!!💜💙💕

Thanks, more cool content is coming

yeah i mean like while there is cutscenes it freezes and then i cant do anything

for me the game keeps freezing and i cant click on anything so i have to close the game all the time

It has WASD control, mouse isn't supported.


this was a great experience, I had fun XP.
Though I wouldn't loose 10hp if a deer girl started shoving my face in her pussy and I would let her do it more but that's just me XD

Thanks for feedback. Honestly, it's just the beginning of deer girl's fun, she likes it that way.

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Episode 3 is finished, early access only means different price. About re-download I'm not sure, as full game will be released really not soon - we will have a lot of episodes, two months for each one. According to what we've planned it can take up to 100 episodes.

Deleted 2 years ago

Rather in January, cuz now we are busy on Christmas Special. Farmer scene will be more than a scene - it will be a date (more fun and content + interactive)


hey this is really good


when will episode 2 be out for free

In couple of days, needs additional testing for Android.


Any specific deadlines your looking at?

The experimental build is ready. We will test it till Friday, if everything will go smooth, then it will be available till the end of the week.

Deleted 2 years ago


does it have cotroller support


I think i found a bug, 0 doesnt  remove letters when changing your name on web Rclick does and idk how on download

And if you don't mind em asking what RPG maker ver is it

MV designed to look like VXA.

Thanks. 0 was working for previous version, not it's cancel button (Esc).  Forgot to change the text.


I love this! your art is very cute and the story is kinda interesting, keep it up :)

Thanks for feedback! We will do our best

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Let's show the player what awaits for him


I needs more!

Hold on, the third episode will be in early access  in  couple days.

Good, because the barn can only hold so much hay XD

Where can i download the html version

We can send it to you. Do you want to add it to your site?

I am just running it on linux and i just want to play it. If thats ok then yes.

Also i can also test linux versions


This game is very good!! I recommend!

Thanks! Nice to see so many satisfied customers

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Thanks for the argumentative feedback! We don't take it as the offense in any way,  as you've spent your time helping us to improve, and we are grateful for that.
Controls: grid architecture is the basis of RPG maker, so we can't change it unless changing the game engine, which we can't do for known reasons. We will try another game engine for the next project. However, it won't happen soon.
Sensitivity: Did you try to complete traps running or walking (hold shift for walking on keyboard or analog on gamepad)?
About scenes: we will remaster scenes over time, including adding animations. We can't do it right now, as this requires resources we don't have yet.
About the screenshot: it's a damn shame. Will be changed.
Grammar: we don't have native speakers in our team, that's why our English is weird sometimes, sorry. If you've found some bad mistakes feel free to send them to us.

Deleted 1 year ago

As our team doesn't have any native English speakers, some help with the dialogues would be useful.
Soon we will have the Hall of Fame for the people who've made a significant contribution to the game, mostly for top tier patrons and the dev team.
Still, if you are willing to help with the grammar, we can add you there as well.
Contact - we'll send you the text.


This game is so good! Keep going with the great work :D

Thanks a lot :) It's just the beginning

Deleted 2 years ago

Sure. You download the game archive from Itch, open it (I prefer WinRar for that, you can download it from the official site, it's free). And inside the archive choose game.exe. Also, you can copy all files from archive to folder on your computer, so you won't need to wait until the archive opens each time.

Is the farmer questline the end of the current content? After the queen I wandered around looking and could only find her. No other sparkle effects were around except on the benches, the not-yet-implemented areas and the farmer's house. 

Yes, you help the farmer three times and the episode ends here.

Any chance you'll make this for Android?


Yes, we are migrating to last version of RPG maker, which supports Android. I hope Android will be available by the end of the year.


Thank you so much! Can't wait to play! Have a wonderful day!


Thanks, positive reviews worth even more than money.

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Standard. Move arrows or WASD, hold Shift to run, enter to activate. Some encounters are triggered when you step on them. Inventory in menu (Esc), 0 to cancel.

Question: How do i get into episode 2? When i downloaded these to my PC, it says get episodes 1 and 2, but only could do chapter one. Where do i download chapter 2?????

The game file called episode two has the first chapter as well, so the player can play all episodes in one piece. If you want to go straight to the content of second one, there's a save file inside, it starts where the first episode has ended.

So What is the second episodes file Name then? is it called Into the forest public? i couldnt find the file for 2 when i downloaded it. and apparently you guys made a separate download link/ file for chapter 2, but that one says its chapter one.

It's called "Into the Wild Episodes 1 & 2". If you press new game it gives you the first episode and then it continues with the second (there's no strict division, they are merged like one game). Once you are in the village it's the second.

Hm, okay. ill see if i get an option.


Loved this game. Keep it up so I can meet some more girls!


Thanks, will be done :) Three new girls in process right now.

i dont know if its because i need something else, but i cant move correctly. (to be more precise, i cant move in certain directions and the character constantly moves as if another key is always pressed. this is not the only game this has happend with.) please help.

I guess if it happens with other games too maybe there's issue with a computer. Never faced this trouble.


Just finished the adventure so far! (Ch.2)
I really like how this is going, the characters are really cute!!. Can't wait for next update!(And certain farmer event :3)

Please keep up the great work! ~

Thanks, that means a lot to us. Farmer quest will consist of two parts, in the next (third) update it will lead to a new character and the "dinner" itself will occur in the forth.

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I need to be honest. Technically speaking, this game download is very dumb.  It contains hundreds of graphical and musical assets from some completely unrelated and random game, making up the bulk of this 300 MB download.  This game itself, only uses about 5 MB of its own assets.  Whoever compiled this was doing drugs.

Looking closer, it seems the developer basically snagged assets from another game to build his own world map, and just brought all the other unused assets along for the ride. ~300 megs worth.


You are right about those assets which aren't from other game, it's basic RPGmaker library. They should be removed but it crushed for some reason without them (nevertheless they aren't used in game). We'll try to fix it in next updates.


Characters are cute, artwork is neat, simple, story is good, got nothing to say bad about this game! And, unfortunately, this is surprising, as most content (not only adult content, but all kinds of content) is just cheap crap to make some bucks off, or a failed project. I dont care if it is crap to make some bucks off, as long as its good crap, then im good too. 

I enjoyed the demo, and i am looking forward to see this game fully completed! I see a good potential in this game, unfortunately, adult content is very underrated, for containing *obscene* things. Tell this to people who believe that: If god thought sex is obscene, then he would have made us with clothes on from the beginning, or would have made us lay eggs.


OMG thanks, totally agree. Shooting 100+ people is totally fine to show in cinemas (even to kids) but anything erotic gets banned like it's something bad and disgusting, in many countries you still can be arrested for producing porn content.

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And it all started after a Pope in Rome started removing the genitals from statues... If i knew how he looked like, i'd build a statue of him naked. I hate the church so fucking much... Crusades, witch trials... they brought so much death... but in the same time they helped people put their faith in something, instead of just going mad and kill themselves. Even if that something might not even exist... Why does it have to be all like a fucking paradox?!


This was a great demo of the things to come. The artstyle is cute and the storyline seems to have a good begining.

Only downside in my opinion is the quite plain looking enviroment when roaming around and plethora of spelling mistakes. They throw you off but you can read through them.


Thanks for feedback! I'm not a native speaker, so sorry for some minor mistakes. In the future we'll find someone to look through the text.


I may be willing to volunteer, just think on it for a while, and, if you decide to go with someone else, that’s fine as well.


Hi. Sounds good, please write your email and let's discuss it.


Do you have another way to contact you? I don’t want to put my email where everyone could see it.

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