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Im stuck does anyone know where the swimsuit for Naira is?

Oh yeah look to the INN (Hotel) 

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Nice game but only problem is with payment bc i don't have Card and a Pay Pal is fucked bruh. 

There will by any other Pay Method?

Some people i thing have same problem if there will be more Pay Method more people will buy (in my opinion) 

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Are animated h-scenes exclusive to patreons and for the paid version?


No, but currently only one animated scene exists. More will be added in the next episode 

When will the new episode be released? for the public? or is it already up?

i wanna know the same exact thing

Not up yet anywhere

By the way, I have a question, that is, how to complete the task of 100 shells of the American soldier? Haven't you finished it yet? I've been looking for it for about half an hour, but I haven't seen it.

Just earn money through the everyday work, from farmer Tara or gardener Mary, each 10 shells a time. Or you can catch some fish and sell it to Sammy.

Only 100 shells are needed? But I seem to have tried, it seems no use, he asked to donate 100 shells, shells where to buy?

I'm sure if you have 100 shells,  that's enough. You can check how many shells you have on the menu. Besides, you should give her shells in the morning, or she will reject your request. 

Thank you, I want to know what nationality you are, brother?

I'm Chinese XD

I really support the author to do it. I can't wait to play the new chapter. By the way, can I do it with the Queen in the future?

She'll have scenes and dates, but a bit further since she's special character

Minor spelling mistake here and there and some funny writing but surprisingly not a bad game. A bit cheesy at times but I like that, its a simple charming game that actually has a surprising amount of play time, it took me awhile to complete and I even purchased the extra chapters. Not sure if this gives me early access to the other chapters but I'd be willing to support again.


Thanks, we’ll polish grammar over time. New episode will be released soon


I like this game and fluffy. I hope the author can do better:)

Sorry, my English is not good:(

Is there a fix for save data being wiped? It happens extremely often


For phones (browser version) it seems that saves simply don’t work properly on itch, I’ve seen the same with other RPGM games

Unfortunate. Thank you! :)

What's the release date for episode 8

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hi, I think my progress on online version is gone, can you please restore it or can you fix something about it

edit: how did my file go from online to downloaded file, I'm confused


exe version has attached save file.

Browser version saves are on itch side, we don’t have any access to them.

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If I was to buy a character to be made would I be able to play as the character ?

Mostly you play for John, but in some quests you’ll be playing for the main character girls

where are the healing plants

I wish that episode 7 was free

Is there a way to get a game in russia, where both patreon and itch payment systems not working?

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They are from Ukraine, so they probably won't answer you. They kiiinda don't like Russians. At least that what I see in the twitter

Kinda because of this:

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Если в стране есть долбаёбы - не значит что все такие (больше скажу - таких людей достаточно везде). Подобных людей надо отправлять на фронт в первые ряды вместе с их прекраснымт лидерами (не способными даже с банальными проблемами справляться, из-за чего у нас на Замоскворецкой до сих пор поезда 80-х ходят, а людей сосульками пришибает насмерть), а нормальных людей оставлять в стране. К сожалению, в перспективе этого не будет. Я сам не русский, родился в Беларуси, у самого дальние украинские корни есть, но те все давно на другом свете, переехал из-за кризиса начала 10-х с родственниками, и жалею о том, что тогда подобное будующее не было видно. У меня уже нет цели получить возможность оплатить (что разве не являлось бы моральной и материальной поддержкой?), а скорее показать, что не все люди, которым довелось жить в этой стране не по своей воле - неонацисты. Надеюсь на понимание и желаю удачи с нелёгкой ситуацией в мире. У всех людей должно быть право на жизнь

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Not gonna lie, I'm from Russia, and now I fucking hate our government. You know what they say to us? EvErYtHinG is AlrIght. They are losing people 10 times more than us blah blah blah. Stupid. I have a friend that on that war now. And guess what? They are loosing positions. Very fast. A lot of dead peoples. It is said that at January 15 there is gonna be another mobilization, maybe full mobilization or how I must say it in English, idk. Sorry for the mistakes if there any cause I can't think properly I'm so fucking angry I'm shaking right now. Don't want even write on Russian. Fuck it. 

Comunisst Country?

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Yeah, and best wishes to all your development team. I have never thought I would talk about that with Ukrainians in the comments under the furry pron game

will you ever be able to do it again with Mary? Like for a different occasion

more scenes will be added 

Needs a better tutorial - I have no idea how to proceed from the very first screen. What's the action button? How do I pick up my bag?

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are you on computer or mobile

if its computer you should press space while standing on tile its on

i have no idea for mobile 

Oh, you need to stand on the item. That's totally different from the games I've played before where you stand on the tile next to an item you want to pick up / activate.


enter action button, for the phone ok button. Step on the bag and press enter. Tutorial will be remade in the future

Oh, you need to stand on the item. That's totally different from the games I've played before where you stand on the tile next to an item you want to pick up / activate.


Where can you find wood for the learning to fry fish quest

two up the map, one near the Castle entrance 



@Dic Pic Studio can you add a gallery for unlocked scenes?

it’ll be added later


well we be able to have kids with the girls?


pregnancy will be added, kids maybe too in the end of the game 


happy claps <3

all this will be aded stuff will this be aded or do you have to unlock it


how to sleep in my own bed

available in ep 7

Can you consider making more of sammy, other than a bj, totally would love that.

yes, later

How do i use heal plants? (in mobile) (sorry for bad english

go to inventory tap on the tab in inventory you want to open then tap on the plants

i've started the game like two days ago, i really love it!!! 

but i'm stuck, i can't find the swimsuit for naira, where can i find it?

(sorry for the bad english)

Thanks. Check on Lina

how can i enter cheats?


Will be added later

I am enjoying the game very much, wondering if there a dedicated screenshot button?

No, print screen works 

Gotcha, thank you. 

wait I couldn’t get to the chest what’s in it

It’s an Easter egg 

Im kinda stuck in The halloween place, cant figure out what to do after getting the bridge to the chest

Chest is bonus, to unlock it use both characters. For the scenario have you completed the water maze?


And did the host pep at her???


I’m confused if the horse is behind a wall how did it get free

She ran and left the door open, kinda they were in one room 

I can't use the heal plants to get past the first mission (im on Android)

click items (above) first, then on the plants 

Hey, so I did pay for the game and was wondering, since I paid for beta access to halloween update, do I have to pay again for new updates? Also when do we get more scenes with the govenor?

We don’t control payment system. More are coming, in the next one Naira’s scene and a threesome

thi is great i love the cowgirl most

with everything that is talked about in the most recent development post will those things be added in the game now or in the next update?

Part in the coming, part in the future 

Idk if it's me but i can't download the android version....


pls help me to find the chest with fishing rod

Very top of the down. It tells u to follow the river

First the chest near the castle. And If you Talk with her again Go to the chest in the north near the vegetable garden

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