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Hello, I downloaded this recently and played it for the first time today and had a weird ass issue. I left crash site and got a picture of a dog on my screen. I shut the game and it happens again with the same image further on. Idk why tho 


Try to press the "Ctrl" button on you keyboard when this happend.This picture can help you to hide the game by press "Ctrl" again.

thinking back on it that's an amazing feature.


when will the next public update be?


Question are there ntr? I don't  hate sharing just asking =l


Yes in the bonus episode 

Maybe poor quiestion, but i see furry guys in change look and want to know, you make scenes with them?


Thanks for the free update. Good as always, but short. It was even a shame when the quest with the house ended. Hope there will be more updates. Very want to see more femdom characters.

More Femdom will be soon

How do i buy the game , it doesn't have the "buy" option 

When you click download now you can enter the desired price (1.55 is minimum for the last episode)

coming back to this game and it has progressed far, is there anyway to recieve a save of episode 4 where I left off so I do not need to replay? Good work though, I will be purchasing this time to support.

As I remember save from ep 4 isn’t compatible. For newer versions the saves are in save folder (exe) or move automatically when upgrading Android. Also exe version has attached file

I just gotta wonder... is the an about estimate timeframe for episode 8 to be released?

In September 


Finished the entire game in less then 5 hours, 9/10 I am not really into this furry stuff usually but in this game it didn't bother me. Ending was appositely beautiful it took me an entire 1 and half hours to finish the last date before the ending, that was a bit annoying but made beating it so much more rewarding as a result, but since feedback is important to every developer and no game is perfect so here's a few complains I have. I didn't like that there were so many random objects that blocked your way, for example in front of the queens castle there's a lot of objects you have to go around those things slightly annoying at the start of the game. I understand this game is meant to look like some of those old retro games and I like it but it also would be nice if you could use your mouse to click on stuff because multiple times I tried to do smth fast and end up miss clicking something. Lack of animations, yea I know animating is kinda annoying but it adds so much to the game were you can actually see whats happening instead of reading and using your imagination kinda but again I understand this game is meant to look a feel like a retro game so the lack of animations is kinda understandable, before the final sex scene there's were the wolfy is talking about getting naked and stuff but the image on screen doesn't match with the dialog until few dialogs after so it could be considered a bug. A nice thing to add would be sound effects but at the same time I understand that finding a good loop for things like this is really hard so I understand why it doesn't have any. It was very difficult to understand what house was for what, so more signs would be nice. Anyways I think this game is great visually in both the game and scenes is perfect its a good mix between retro style and realistic simplistic style. Can't wait for upcoming updates and I will definitely keep the save file to check back after a few updates. Since this game isn't that expensive I am considering to buy it and check up out the newer version soon. Anyways, keep developing this game. I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for the big feedback!

So, the whole village location will be remade from scratch in the future, now we keep gathering feedback.

Mouse works poor in the temples with traps, we’re still debating on adding it.

We will add more animations for all dates, and the next one is coming in the next episode. They’re taking a lot of resources so we will add one for each few episodes. We will try adding some sounds as well.

House location will be finished in the coming episode, or what do you mean?

I finished the free version here on itch and then bought the full thing, is there a way for me to transfer the save data from itch to the download?

From the web no, downloadable free versions yes

bro this game is a legend 100/100 no cap 🤙🤙


hey developers! I have loved your game since its beginning! Before I even had an account here on itch! Today i decided since I was feeling a bit down in the dumps, I thought I'd spend a little money (sorry I couldn't pay that much) because your game never fails to cheer me up! happy I have the privilege to play this early! I love your game! Keep up the great work! I am excited to play!

Thank you! Next episode should be ready soon 

$5 is the original price, and another $5 is thanks for the free content

I hope the third-party payment will not take too much


when's the planned release date for ep 8 and how many eps is this game going to have?


In near a month. 100 are planned

100 *episodes*!? What? Seriously? So much content in the first 8! I'm excited for the future of this game.

when the next episode become available do you keep you previous save if you play in browser 

Is should work, however it depends on itch so I’d recommend using downloadable version 

is it each individual save that has a chance to disappear or the save files in general

in general 


Are you ever gonna release episode 7 for free because my computer wont play it well when downloaded.


how is them releasing episode 7 gonna make it run any better on your crap hardware?.... 


stop fishing without any bait. it doesn't work.

ok if your machine cant run a game as low end as this then idek how it runs properly.

What crap computer does he have it runs fine on my computer and it running windows Vista (lack of funds to upgrade mine)

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Hey do you know how to get the logs without getting caught (I did try going at night)?

Edit: or the chopping the tree?


i think you just cant


there are more log places just go to them all (and get caught) and she will give you an axe

i dont know why it says this did tou guys have the same problem? 

It keeps happening over and over. Write to itch support 

sadly i got that too... only was able to download the new update because i found the actual download page for it ^-^; 

never figured out what the error was though... seems strange just to randomly happen :c

Deleted 89 days ago

What do you ever mean? This is a thread about the 404 glitch with two replies from players with the same issue. I don't see here any conflicts, rape, or whatever you write about.


this is replying to dusty not you 

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"everyones games" mainly your alt accounts dude... making another account to comment bullcrap isn't helping anyone.

the fact you have to pose as a girl shows alot about your maturity levels.

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I found a bug. when entering the player's home with the shells to pay for the cleaning, the screen stays black and you can't exit the building

windows pc version

It was in the morning or which time of the day? Is menu working?

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uhmmm there is an error when i try to go to the game it says error 404 page not found

any time of day it seemed. and menu was able to open. house was just pitch blac

oh its fixed now. i went again in afternoon or evenin

Is there a gallery feature to view unlocked scenes? If so, how do I access it?

It’ll be added in the next episode 


ah ok

Don’t play it on IOS if you have epilepsy, there is a visual glitch that causes quick flashes in the first ruin.

Can you describe it more? Cuz I tested it on iOS and didn’t see anything like that.

Oh, it’s only on an ipad.

does anyone know mobile controls ?? 

because i cannot go further then 2nd quest because it need to consume flower

Tap two fingers at once to open and close menu

no i can't be able to consume anything and i can open menu but cant be able to select anything in quest and inventory menu

Maybe you mean you can’t consume the flowers? Then entering the menu click inventory and after it there’s items above, before clicking on the plants 

thank you

When you are in the menu, click on Inventory and then you will see four tabs [Inverntory | Weapon | Clothes | Key Items] - you have to click on Invetory tab and only then you will be able to click on flowers to consume them. It is not very intuitive.

It’s not, but it’s a part of basic menu system - we can change only if completely remastering the menu system which we can’t do right now (however can in the future)

Game finished in 5:21:46 hours

took a long time since i spent lots of time just grinding shells lol

also the menu music makes me feel like if i was on Left for Dead 

Probably we’ll work on money system balance later

ok thanks

1000 shells btw lol

im gonna try to get to a million hehe

Is ep8 out? Or are you working on creating it?

Working, at least a month. Most part it done on Patreon 

I mean right?


Btw, ep6 looks like a Indiana Jones+furry sex game, lol

I played this before, ep6, it was fun, I loved it

I’ve been stuck on practice your dating skills can someone please tell me what to do I’m so confused 

Win the date with Tara before going to Naira

how do I do that I’ve been stuck on this shot for 5 hours 😭😭😭 please help

Did you reach the date itself?

work for tara a few times then visit in the after noon to get the date

can someone tell me me how to how to Practise your dating skills I looked over the village I can’t find anything can someone please help me

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bascially this is what i did- in order to date (im assuming naira) you have to help the farmer girl with her tasks so on and so forth, by then she would start getting all romantic with you and all that and then you eventually go on a date, from there you date the farm girl and once your done (and after the scene) you can go back to naira but in order to date the farm girl you need to catch 5 fish  and that five fish kitty will give you the secret fish sauce which is used to make the fish more better then after that you will be doing a task thing where you talk and communicate with her. then from there your good to go. hope this helps.

(Note you can only date the farm girl during the afternoon.)

Can you move your save from previous episode to next episode? like from episode 1-6 to episode 1-7


Yes, it’s in the save folder. For Android just update the game

I got episode 1-6 into the wild for free on game Core this was when you have to still pay for it  on only had for free was episode 1-5 for free  send Episode 1-7 into the wild APK at GameCore they will take it for free 

Let them be. We believe that our players understand the support we need, and will send us some tip to sponsor making new episodes of the game. Those who play pirated game version wouldn’t pay for it anyway

all wood log locations?

Hey dicpic studieos if u could give an exact date or a close range of dates when ep 7 will release to the public freely

To reach your Goal all you need is 60 %  Because you are at 40 and add 40+60=100 your almost at 100% and it will reach 100% not a prediction it's a spoiler

Yo Heyman good to see you're a man of culture too xD

I'm not Paul Heyman I just like his catchphrase

if I buy it now and then a new episode comes out do I have to buy it again to get access to the new episodes?

I guess so, we can’t control it 

No, it doesn `t need

what do you mean by that?

i have a few suggestions: one can you make this game downloadable on mac.os and two can you make another shop-owner scene.  

Mac requires a separate game version, we can’t do it right now.

Scene will be in the future 

ok well thank for taking the time to reply

Hey dicpic studios do u know when episode 7 will be fully released to the public for free?

At least a month 


absolutely love the game would love to see more features like more stuff to buy from shop, being able to dig holes in certain spots, and pretty much what ever can make the game more interactive,

We’ll try to make new locations more interactive, and remake village location in the future 

I love into the wild

DicpicStudio can you do a free limit time episode 7 For APK if you don't reach 1k   how ever I believe that You will reach 1k you have my support I can't pay because I'm always broke when I pay for the bills and For groceries and house necessities my  mom use to work  no I don't work I get a disability Check every month I let my mother to be my cosigner because I don't trust myself with my money

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Into the wild will reach its 1k Goal it's not a prediction it's a spoiler!


It’ll go free once the next episode is ready

i really like the game but the saving is not working when i save then go out of game next time i go back in my save file is gone


For exe you should extract the game from the archive.

For web it’s itch bug (for phones as I understood)

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